December 13, 2021

Limited Edition Gold Metal Prints by Jim Livingston


The past almost 2 years have been anything but ordinary. People that make a living on Rt 66 have been facing some really uncertain times. The lack of International travelers has made the last 2 travel seasons very thin for many shop owners. With all of the uncertainty facing our upcoming travel season, we would like to do our part to help. 

Jim Livingston has graciously opened up the vault for his remaining gold metal Cadillac Ranch Prints with paint chips by Jim Saunders. These prints are one of a kind and only a limited number are available to be purchased. We aim to help our friends who have been surviving this Pandemic as well as a good friend who is currently battling cancer. 

Route 66 has missed so many travelers these past 2 years. Often, these small locally owned shops rely on our international travelers during travel season to get them through the rest of the year.  Our small mom and pop shops have all taken a hit. We would like to highlight, right here in Texas, a few to benefit from the sales of these gold metal prints. 

Brenda Hammit over at the Midpoint Cafe has been a staple of our little stretch of Rt 66 through Texas. Her Cafe serves up some incredible eats as well as some of the best homemade pie you have ever tasted.  She is facing one of her toughest challenges yet, if not ever. If you have ever met her in person, you know how great of a person she is and why she is such an asset to our Rt 66 community. When you visit her Cafe you feel like you are visiting your mother’s house. 

Our own local artisan, and silversmith, Jim Saunders has been quietly battling cancer through these dark months. The pandemic has not helped the situation, as he has to make many trips to the hospitals for treatments.  We would love to be able to help him, and his sweet wife, Rebecca,  with his mounting medical bills and costs of living. His work has been shown in all kinds of galleries from LA to Sante Fe. 

We also want proceeds to go to the Rt 66 Association here in Amarillo to help with any future endeavors that will highlight our little stretch of Rt 66 right here in Texas.

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